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Pure Nectar: Simply Natural. Heavenly Taste. PURE NECTAR.

Pure Nectar (www.PureNectarJuice.com) headquartered in the Philippines is a juice business with a difference.

The Juice is different

  • Made from fresh fruits, vegetables and organic cane syrup
  • Cold pressed with 14,000 pounds of pressure to put 100% of the nutrients in the juice your drink
  • No additives or artificial sugars
  • No preservatives
  • Simply Natural. Heavenly taste. PURE NECTAR

The business model is different

Multiple revenue streams:

  • Small foot print retail outlet-like kiosk
  • Multiple distribution points using our super-cooling refrigeration system
  • Corporate and events catering

All created for lower investments costs and high returns

The franchise model is different

We have a unique offering called the Area Development BLOCK. An area developer for each block opens the following:

  • Production facility (approximately 1000 sq. ft.) to produce the cold-pressed juice
  • Open three retail outlets such as a kiosk
  • Place a minimum of twelve super-cooling refrigeration systems in high traffic areas called the distribution point to sell the juice
  • Sell juice in larger volumes via catering and event facilities
  • Reasonable Area Development Fees

Area Development fees + Production facility + 3 retails outlets + 12 distribution points = US$300,000-$395,000

The Global Franchise Team is seeking highly motivated, growth oriented individuals who would thrive in a well structured environment to become Area Developers for the Pure Nectar® brand in their countries.

If you have an interest in building a substantial business revolving around world-class standards and possess skills required to build businesses, coach and mentor others for high performance than you may have found the business you are looking for—Pure Nectar. Take the 1st step by completing and submitting the confidential profile to us, so we may begin discussions to bring the amazing Pure Nectar franchise to your country.

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