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Becoming the GFM Brand

o ensure quality attention to the brands within our portfolio, we must become passionate about the brand and confident that we can achieve results that are truly Win4. GFM is not a development broker or consultant. We are an international extension of the franchisor focused on creating success through rapid development and operational excellence.

GFM’ s systematic READY SET GO™ process keeps a clear focus on achieving Win4.

After preliminary discussions and screening between GFM and the franchisor the READY SET GO™ process begins.

1. READY—Review, Evaluation, Approval, Details, Yes—proceed!
2. SET—Strategize, Engage, Triumph
3. GO—Gear-up & Operate for success

The ‘GFM Way’ is an innovative and responsible approach that combines both finding the right master licensees and then focusing them towards their success. This is how we achieve Win4.

GFM recognizes that a majority of franchisors will continue pursuing the old path of international development that yields disappointing results.

A few forward thinking brands that are not shackled by the past will embrace the ‘GFM Way’. These GFM brands will benefit from an aggressive growth strategy and world-class support of master licensees--the true benefits of Win4.

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