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Beware the online slighted customer

I am a big fan of ordering online. Living in Singapore, I have been a fan of RedMart, the online grocery store partly funded by heavy hitters from the tech world. My wife and I were loyal customers ordering every two weeks, in order to avoid a trip to the grocery store. My recent...
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Franchisee selection: Got GRIT?

Money, Talent, Experience vs. GRIT What would you choose? I recently read GRIT by Angela Duckworth and if you have not yet had a chance to read it, I highly recommend it. This book made me re-examine the important decision of franchisee selection and the success of franchisees....
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Business Leaders: Beware the IKEA Syndrome

“The day I stop learning something new, is the day I begin dying.” —Himatsinh M. Babla, My Father, My Inspiration My father is a young 80 years and still active selling auto parts and learning about auto parts. He can look at a part and tell you which model car/truck it belongs...
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