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September 1, 2016

Singapore:   Global Franchise Masters Private Limited (GFM) of Singapore and SATO Investment LP (Gravity Extreme Zone) of the United States recently signed the Global Franchise Development and Growth Agreement to bring the GRAVITY EXTREME ZONE adventure parks to the world.

GRAVITY EXTREME ZONE (http://franchise.gravityextremezone.com) is a unique adventure park with fun and exciting elements such as the aerial skywalk, bungee jumping, climbing, trampolines, battle zones, wild aquatics, and laser shows . It caters to individuals, families and groups as well as for birthday parties, corporate events and team building events.

GRAVITY EXTREME ZONE appeals to both children and adults. In addition to the immensely popular elements in the activity zone, comfortable booths, large screen television for sports and a full-fledged refreshment area allows for quality social and family time.

“We are truly excited to work with the founder, Sameer Trehan to add GRAVITY EXTREME ZONE to our portfolio of franchise brands for global expansion,” said Harish Babla, CFE, CEO of GFM.

“Sameer had the vision to create a unique adventure park experience with unparalleled, challenging elements to be enjoyed by both the young and the young-at-heart. It’s an experience unlikely any other that allows for quality family time. Now the brand is ready to go global,” Mr. Babla continued.

Sameer Trehan explained, “We were searching for a company with expertise to enable our global expansion, not just in finding franchisees but someone who knew how to strategically expand into different markets and more importantly support franchisees in the right manner. We are truly fortunate that both SATO Investment LP and Global Franchise Masters could see the mutual benefit in this long-term relationship.”

GFM is seeking franchisees around the globe that have the ability to open a 2,500-3,500 m2 GRAVITY EXTREME ZONE adventure park requiring an estimated investment of US$2 million.

SATO Investment LP, founded by Sameer Trehan, is headquartered in the United States and has been operating GRAVITY EXTREME ZONE since May 2014. It was yet another boring birthday party for his son that led Sameer on a journey to create an adventure park unlike any other with unique and challenging elements for the entire family to enjoy.

About Global Franchise Masters

The team at GFM has over 30 years expertise in franchising and scaling businesses for global growth based on world class franchising standards. Along with the recent addition of GRAVITY EXTREME ZONE, the GFM brands include Acumen Sports (www.AcumenSports.com) from Argentina and Pure Nectar (www.PureNectarJuice.com) from Philippines.

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