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Ácumen Sports’ new services build ‘mental toughness’ for corporate and school markets

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                      September 2, 2016

Singapore:  ácumen Sports (www.acumensports.com) announces new services for corporate and school markets utilizing the signature High Performance Method, designed to enhance cognitive abilities for better concentration, decision making, performance and mental toughness.

The ácumen Sports High Performance Method, a proven neuroscience based training methodology for athletes, provides the winning edge by developing the physical-cognitive, sensory-cognitive and emotional-mental areas of the brain, resulting in better pevideo-acumenrformance.

“Our training builds Mental Toughness, which is the missing link to high performance,” said Mr. Harish Babla, CEO, Global Franchise Masters Private Limited. “By expanding our new services revolving around the powerful ácumen Sports’ High Performance training methodology, we are giving not only athletes, but corporate customers and students, new and flexible ways to build mental toughness.”

ácumen Sports new services include:

Weekend at ácumen: High Performance training every weekend covering physical-cognitive, sensory-cognitive and mental-emotional aspects of the ácumen High Performance method.

Improving Focus and Concentration: An 18-hour program designed to improve the performance of corporate teams by training them on concentration, focus, decision making, speed of response, handling distractions, pressure management, self-confidence, conscious breathing, relaxation amongst other items.

Mind-Body Stretch classes: Training for corporate teams to be conducted before, after work or during IMG_1769lunch hour to stretch both their mind and their body focusing on physical-cognitive and sensory-cognitive skills.

Physical-Cognitive training for students conducted at schools as part of the Physical Education program

Sports Academy and Performance Academy: An intense one-day sampler of High Performance Training for athletes and corporate teams.

Stress Management: A 4-hour workshop on managing stress for corporate teams

These new services are available at all ácumen Sports Centers globally.



ácumen Sports Centers provide high performance training for athletes of all ages and at all levels of performance from the active lifestyle athlete to the elite professional athlete.

This neuroscience-based training methodology has been developed and tested in Argentina since 2007 to deliver results that positively impact athletes in their quest to build Mental Toughness and become winners!

ácumen Sports was started by Mr. Fernando Fossati in Argentina in 2007. Mr. Fossati played Rugby for the Argentine Under 17 National Team that won the World Cup in France. Many famous athletes of different sports train or have trained at the ácumen Sports Center in Argentina.


Global Franchise Masters (GFM) (www.GlobalFranchiseMasters.com)

GFM is headquartered in Singapore and led by Mr. Harish Babla, its Managing Director and CEO. The team at GFM has over 30 years expertise in franchising and scaling businesses for global growth based on world class franchising standards. The GFM group of brands includes Acumen Sports (www.AcumenSports.com) from Argentina, Pure Nectar (www.PureNectar.com) from Philippines and Gravity Extreme Zone (www.GravityExtremeZone) from the United States. Mr. Babla has been involved in franchising since 1983.


Press Contact:

Ms. Venu Babla
Global Franchise Masters